Using You Tube/Teacher Tube in the Classroom

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Using YouTube/Teacher Tube in the classroom

This quote from Brenda Dyck rings through as important:

"Herding a class of students down to the computer lab to watch a few catchy videos has no more learning benefit than turning a class of students onto the Internet for a half hour of random surfing. The power of YouTube only is activated when the teacher has a clear idea of how a specific video clip can be used to introduce a concept or theme, instigate a discussion, or serve as a writing prompt."

Ways/Ideas to use YouTube/TeacherTube in your Classroom

TIP: Always preview and watch the clip first & possibly download for smooth playback (see below) before using with students
  • Start the lesson with a clip to introduce a new idea/topic/theme
  • Use as a motivator or inspiration for creative writing
  • Listen to and view native speakers for learning languages
  • Watch real scientists doing experiments
  • Use a clip to start a class discussion
  • Use clean official music video clips for fitness with students
  • View a "how to" video and use to assist with procedural writing
  • Learn how to make a better PowerPoint presentation (eg)
  • Use a clip as a listening or a viewing exercise with a focus
  • pre lesson - ask kids to view a clip at home and then discuss in class
  • Modelling and displaying speeches, debates and viewing with kids
  • View clip and evaluate pros and cons of people interacting/social skills
  • Motivating kids before starting a lesson - eg sports, PE